This blog is the story of my journey from lawyer to stay-at-home mommy. After finding out I was pregnant with baby #2, we decided that we would give it a go for awhile with me staying home with the kids. I worked after having our first child Deacon, so this experience will be a new one for me. I decided to blog mainly so that I would have a memorialization of the process since those first few months with a new baby are a fog anyway. But years from now, whether I never made it back or whether I am spending my days in suits and heels, I want to be able to look back and see what God is teaching me in these days of going from the courtroom to the playroom.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Sound of Silence

I think I have pinpointed one of the more difficult things for me to deal with in the transition to staying at home. It's noise. When I was working, although I had a lot of interaction with co-workers and clients, there was a significant portion of my day that was spent in my office, often with door shut, just researching and writing. In silence. In dear, sweet, wonderful silence. I am learning that silence is a rarity around my house being a stay at home mom.

The first thing I hear every morning is the sweet voice of my now 3 year old Deacon saying, "Mama, what are we doing today?" Yes, he ultimately ends up sleeping in our bed every night. Sigh. Don't judge. Anywho, from that first question of the day, we launch into countless hours of conversation punctuated by frequent "whys" and extraordinarily loud renditions of the ABC song.

It clearly takes a special person to work with preschoolers and very young elementary kids day in and day out. I am certainly not that special person. When Miller's crying and Deacon is in her face belting out "Jesus Loves Me" (all with the best of intentions), I generally feel like my all my nerve endings are going to simultaneously explode like 4th of July fireworks.

Yet, as I write this Deacon is away at the grandparents' house for a week and Miller is asleep, leaving a house that seems just a little too quiet. For all the annoyance of having a preschooler running around talking, talking, TALKING ALL THE TIME, I sure do miss that little voice tremendously and we are only on day one. And as I sit in the silence, I am reminded how truly blessed I am to have these sweet little noisemakers at my feet everyday and just how full life is with the sound of their voices.


  1. Jack spent the night at my parent on Saturday and our house was eerily quiet. I know what you mean too about the non stop talking! It is an adjustment.

  2. Yes you do need to thank God for Unanswered Prayers Doll! Happy 32nd birthday!

  3. as i keep my g'baby while i work from home, i quite relate with longing for the "dear, sweet, wonderful silence." but i also understand the house "that seems just a little too quiet." i miss her almost the second she leaves and i realize how much i took for granted the time i had with my daughters before they were grown. sweet post!